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Cylindrical round bottles

Cylindrical round bottles (PE)

Each bottle can be individually adapted to your products - thanks to the several caps and the possibilities of finishing. Due to these facts, it is therefore possible to find the same bottle containing technical products, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals. The standard sizes are from 10ml to 1.000ml.






Capacity (ml)





Thread sizes

 RD 18
30ml   RD 18
50ml  RD 18/RD 25
60ml  RD 18
70ml  RD 18
80ml   RD 18
100ml  RD 18/RD 22/ RD 25/RD 32
125ml   RD 18/RD 25/RD 32
200ml RD 18/RD 20/RD 22/RD 25/RD 32
  RD 18/RD 20/RD22/RD 25/RD 32
500ml  RD 25/RD28/RD 32/RD 50
750ml  RD 25/RD28/RD 32/RD 50
1000ml  RD 25/RD28/RD 32/RD 50