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Square packaging bottles

Square packaging bottles (PE)

We dispose of a vast choice of square bottles from 30ml to 2.500ml. Thanks to our production process, almost all in-between sizes of one series are possible. The bottles are available with almost all threads from 18mm to 80mm and can also be produced in different colours, be printed or labelled. The standard bottles are in PE-HD but there is also the possibility to manufacture them in PE-LD and PP. We supply a vast choice of closures for these bottles. Due to the wide range of bottles and the choice of different threads/openings per size, simply tell us your requirements and we will submit you the suiting offer. Of course, we can send you a list of all sizes available.













Thread sizes
Narrow neck


Thread sizes
Wide neck
 RD 18 RD 32
  RD 18 RD 32
250ml   RD 25   RD 40
 RD 25  RD 50
1000ml   RD 28  RD 65
 RD 28 RD 65